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that's fucked up's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
that's fucked up

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[21 Dec 2006|08:05pm]

Hey, If you write/read/draw Tamagotchi Slash ... you should check out the tamagotchislash community!

[20 Dec 2005|02:02am]

what's fucked up?

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[24 Nov 2005|03:39am]

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope everyone has a good one.

oh my fucking god, thats sick [09 Jun 2005|07:05pm]

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some of the weirdest shit I've ever heard in my life [07 May 2005|11:57am]


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[28 Mar 2005|04:02pm]

I really like sex, don't get any but would rather just cuddle anyway after the perverted filth I expose myself to. Porn is just one of the things that messes up the whole way you perceive love sex and people. I read a book about how this shy guy was really in love with this girl he met at a party, and they had a really tender relationship, really fragile and sweet, never had sex, then she invites him up to her flat and tells him that she's been fucking someone else the whole time, and even at their most tender moments, she was secretly getting taken from behind while talking to him, or nipped off to the toilet cos she doesn't feel vewwy well but has sex in reality. And she's just staring right at him telling him these things, to see if he will burst into tears. It seemed more likely that he would smash her head into the wall or something but I think it was assumed he just left, further helping the point that he's a doormat cos he isn't as ruthless as some people can be. And my dad lent me this book. I can be very fucked up but I don't see the point going into it here. I'd rather have less junk in my head and be more focussed and healthy. You know you're fucked up when you don't like saying you're fucked up.
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[25 Dec 2004|07:33am]

Merry Christmas everyone.

anyone still there? [15 Nov 2004|12:49am]
anyone still out here? im new, looking for fucked up people to talk to. i saw a couple posts about incest earlier. so what qualifies me for the fucked up community....well to start incest turns me on too....as does beastiality...sex in public...and pretty much anything fucked up or extremely slutty. in fact not only do they turn me on but i can't get off without thinking about it, even if i'm having sex with someone else. the thought of me having sex with someone else doesnt turn me on at all and if i dont fantasize while im doing it i wont even feel anything. its starting to affect my life in other ways. i did some sex work a while ago, not straight up prostitution but stuff like hand jobs and blow jobs. then i moved onto just having anonymous one night stands hoping that would maybe excite me. now nothing makes me happy, and i hate being with anyone even if theyre an awesome person. anyone out there relate to any of this?
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[21 Aug 2004|06:23am]

My bf of 6 months tried to borrow a 100 dollars from me so he could go to Mexico and screw cheap Mexican hookers. How fucked up is that. lmao
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Heil Elmo's Whore [14 Aug 2004|04:43am]

Howdy! I'm fucked up so I decided to join. Some of the fucked up events of my life, from the past few months, are as follows:

-Almost made out with my brother
-Best female friend and also my stalker got a sex change and is now dating the guy I lost my virginity to, who turned gay a while back
-Had fantastic sex with a guy I lusted after for months, who has now forgotten about me for a Bosnian chick
-Best guy friend drugged me and took creepy pictures of me naked... and it turns out HE's stalking me too!
-And once I had to masturbate to get a tampon out

Think that's pretty fucked up? I sure do. I hope maybe I can fit in here.

Wait, what am I saying? As a goth-y/punk-y/emo-y/whatever-y kid, isn't it my goal to NOT fit in? Oh well. Maybe I can get some advice, sympathy, or empathy at the least.

Love, peace, and chicken grease... Eatmyroach.
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[13 Jul 2004|05:35pm]

Hey, you all seem great, some real special indaviduals with great personalities and did I mention sexy, so what's say we all go argue with this girl just for the sake of being obnoxious

plus she has money and is hot and she said that makes her better than you

katiekatelyn, she fucking hates you

She said this is what your two gay mom's look like

hmm. [29 Jun 2004|08:10pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

hello? anybody alive?
anyway, im new here. so yeah, hello guys.


hello [18 Mar 2004|04:29pm]
I am new here. Amuse me.
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[29 Sep 2003|06:23pm]

I think it's fucked up that people make you take off your studded bracelets almost everywhere you go. Even in the stupid mall. If I want to wear something, I should have a right to wear it.
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[26 Sep 2003|06:36pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Y'know what's fucked up?
Mah cooter 'gainst the bathroom wall in Huddle House.


[31 Aug 2003|07:37pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

know whats fucked up?when your mom trys to brainwash you into thinking your dads a bad person and that he moved away to get away from us.
lie to me and tell me thats not fucked up.

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Heh.. wtf.. [13 Aug 2003|01:10pm]


Wtf.. [31 Jul 2003|09:06am]

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