Red (redlights88) wrote in thats_fucked_up,

anyone still there?

anyone still out here? im new, looking for fucked up people to talk to. i saw a couple posts about incest earlier. so what qualifies me for the fucked up community....well to start incest turns me on does in public...and pretty much anything fucked up or extremely slutty. in fact not only do they turn me on but i can't get off without thinking about it, even if i'm having sex with someone else. the thought of me having sex with someone else doesnt turn me on at all and if i dont fantasize while im doing it i wont even feel anything. its starting to affect my life in other ways. i did some sex work a while ago, not straight up prostitution but stuff like hand jobs and blow jobs. then i moved onto just having anonymous one night stands hoping that would maybe excite me. now nothing makes me happy, and i hate being with anyone even if theyre an awesome person. anyone out there relate to any of this?
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