Elmo's Whore (eatmyroach) wrote in thats_fucked_up,
Elmo's Whore

Heil Elmo's Whore

Howdy! I'm fucked up so I decided to join. Some of the fucked up events of my life, from the past few months, are as follows:

-Almost made out with my brother
-Best female friend and also my stalker got a sex change and is now dating the guy I lost my virginity to, who turned gay a while back
-Had fantastic sex with a guy I lusted after for months, who has now forgotten about me for a Bosnian chick
-Best guy friend drugged me and took creepy pictures of me naked... and it turns out HE's stalking me too!
-And once I had to masturbate to get a tampon out

Think that's pretty fucked up? I sure do. I hope maybe I can fit in here.

Wait, what am I saying? As a goth-y/punk-y/emo-y/whatever-y kid, isn't it my goal to NOT fit in? Oh well. Maybe I can get some advice, sympathy, or empathy at the least.

Love, peace, and chicken grease... Eatmyroach.
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